Leading Geeks Review: Is this Book Still Relevant in 2019

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Leading Geeks by Paul Glen is a classic technology management book that was released in 2003. This review will explore the book and determine if its underpinning are still relevant in 2019.

I am excited to write a review about this book, during my time working at the Marshall School of Business I had the pleasure of meeting, working with, and providing technology support for both Paul Glen and Warren Bennis.

Is Leading Geeks still relevant today, 12 years after it was released?  Leading Geeks withstands the test of time, the recommendations presented in this book are still relevant in 2019. 

Summary of the Leading Geeks Review

You can purchase a copy of this book here, Amazon offers the book both in hardcover and Kindle format.

Overview: The Challenge of Geeks

Part One: The Context of Geek Leadership

Part Two: The Content of Geek Leadership

Conclusion: Harmonizing Context and Content

Final Thoughts

Leading Geeks is still relevant in 2019, there have been many changes in technology in the last 16 years however, the basic tenet of this book is still valid.  Tech Support Science wholeheartedly recommends this book for anyone tasked with leading geeks.


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