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This blog was developed to help the technology support professionals who help end users solve their technology related problems day in and day out. 

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Badass I.T. Support

By Ben Brennan (March 5, 2018)

This is a book that every IT manager (new, experienced, or those thinking about diving into the deep end) should read. Badass IT Support is the blueprint for modern IT departments.

Tech Support Advice for Success

Achieve Super Hero Status

Working as a Technology Support Professional is an incredibly rewarding career. When you walk through the halls of your company you will find that everyone is happy to see you and you get many nods and smiles as you make your way to your desk. Think about it, people turn to you in their time of need, when things aren’t going their way, when that report is due, or when they are just lost. You are the super hero that saves the day.

Steps to Becoming a Super Hero

  1. You have to love the technology lifestyle, embrace your inner Geek
  2. Learn everything you can about technology
  3.  Learn to understand people, customer service is key
  4. Get a job in technology support, there is no substitute for experience
  5.  Read our blog regularly to learn how to succeed in technology support
"I found tips and tricks that made my job so much easier, it is nice to have these job specific resources at my fingertips."
Rachel Ruiz
Desktop Support Engineer
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